Welcome to LibreNMS, a fully featured network monitoring system that provides a wealth of features and device support.
What can it do?


Automatic discovery

Automatically discover your entire network using CDP, FDP, LLDP, OSPF, BGP, SNMP and ARP.

Customisable alerting

Highly flexible alerting system, notify via email, irc, slack and more.

API Access

A full API to manage, graph and retrieve data from your install.

Billing system

Generate bandwidth bills for ports on your network based on usage or transfer.

Automatic Updates

Stay upto date automatically with bug fixes, new features and more.

Distributed Polling

Horizontal scaling to grow with your network.

iPhone App

Native iPhone App is available which provides core functionality.

Android App

Native Android App is available which provides core functionality..


  • Extensive device support
  • Mobile friendly Web UI
  • Unix Agent

Integration support for:

Multiple authentication methods:

  • MySQL
  • HTTP
  • LDAP
  • Radius
  • Active Directory


An online demo is available for you to try before installing.

You can login to the demo at https://demo.librenms.org or click 'Login' below.

Username: demo / Password: demo.


If you've tried our demo and want to get LibreNMS running locally then you have two options.

The standard way of installing LibreNMS is to clone the GitHub repo directly, to do this you can following the install instructions:

Install guides

If however, you don't have a spare VM or box to install onto then we have got some virtual images for you to download, boot and use straight away. The images will be update regularly (approximately every 3 months), however LibreNMS itself will auto update within 24 hours of you booting the image unless you disable this feature.


Device list Add Device Traffic Disk Usage API Token Distributed Pollers Alert Rules Alert Log


We have a few ways to get in touch, the most responsive and widely used is our irc channel. Please only use GitHub issues for reporting bugs or new devices. Feature requests should be posted on our community forum.


Thanks to everyone that supports LibreNMS.


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